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The Young Investors Challenge is a free 10-week investment competition for teens with thousands in prizes!

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About the Challenge

Led by Charles Fredette, Ryan Dollinger, Nicolas Bolouri, and recently merged with Siddharth Pandey’s BEI, the Young Investors Challenge is a non-profit organization which provides a unique experience to all teenagers regardless of their investing experience.

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Ready, Set, Invest!

Using our free mobile or web app, participants will have 10 weeks to invest $100,000 in a variety of stocks. While many different strategies can be used, winning is simple: have the highest-value portfolio by Week 10!


Invest in Real Time

Some competitions have delayed data, but we don't waste your time with that. You'll know the live price you're buying at; no surprises.


Live Rankings

Doesn't it suck when you don't know how you're doing? Our rankings will let you know where you're positioned at all times, updating live throughout the day.


Real Prizes

At the end of the Challenge, we will reward the top investors with prizes! However, everyone will also receive a certificate and their official ranking.

Why Participate in the Challenge?

This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to invest, without any risk. Our platform resembles a real investing platform, just no real money involved.

  • Start with $100K

    Participants will begin the 10-week simulation with $100,000 to invest.

  • Invest in US Equities

    Hundreds of US-listed stocks will be available to trade, simulating a real life environment.

  • Trade in Real-Time

    Access live data and trade like in real life, with no 15-minute delay. We also adjust trades for volumes.

  • Compete Worldwide and With Friends

    Either compete on the global ranking, and join a group, class or club to compete against your peers too!

  • Privacy First!

    We use Google Cloud to encrypt and protect your data, making your experience a safe one.

  • Large Prizes

    We have offered more than $15K in prizes since we started, and plan on giving out more this year!

The Guidebook

We will release the Guidebook a few weeks prior to the start of the Challenge! This will include all rules and regulations for participants and groups.


Insights and experiences from our YIC community

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How do I register?

      When signups open, simply create an account on our mobile or web app! If you're signing up with a school or a club, make sure to type in your group code!

    • Does the Challenge use real-time data?

      Yes! The Investment Challenge uses real-time data pulled directly live from the different exchanges.

    • What are the prizes?

      Since 2021, we gave out more than $15,000 in prizes. We're bringing even more prizes to 2025!

    • What should I do to prepare?

      This isn’t a school exam. No need for textbooks or late-night cramming! But getting ready could boost your performance. Start by exploring the First Step Academy for educational videos to sharpen your skills.

    • Who is eligible to participate?

      Anyone 21 and under at the start of the Challenge is eligible. However, we will also have prizes for different age categories!

    • I have an issue with my account!

      For the 2025 Challenge, users will have access to a support portal within the app. You can also email us at

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How We Started

In 2020, we launched The Young Investors Challenge, which is one of the largest investment competitions in the world. We designed and developed a web platform, and $10,000 in cash prizes was awarded to the winners. For the 2020-21 edition, more than 3,800 teenagers from the United States & Canada registered for free, and the initiative was featured on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, The Motley Fool, and more.

Throughout the Challenge, many participants asked us for resources that they could use to learn about investing. We then realized that many teenagers lack financial education and are unable to find a proper learning environment. For that exact reason, we are attempting to change the world of financial education!


View the companies and organizations that have sponsored us in the first two editions of the Challenge!

  • National Bank of Canada

    Fouding Partner

  • DZD Hardwood

    Fouding Partner

  • Planchers Bellefeuille

    Fouding Partner

  • Degrandpré Chait

    Fouding Partner

  • #RisingYouth

    2021, 2022

  • MNP


  • Studio Cookie


  • Marianopolis College

    2021, 2022

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